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The Artist


Dick Weber has always had a creative desire.  He started carving abstract wildlife forms in wood and stone over 25 years ago and was soon exhibiting in Colorado's Sculpture in the Park show and the Colorado Governor's Invitational Art Show.  Collaborating with his wife, Cheryl, they designed and fabricated gold and silver jewelry, exhibiting in galleries in Santa Fe, Taos, and Denver.

The Designs


Drawing on his background in sculpture and metalsmithing, Weber has incorporated organic forms into his custom knives.  Sculpting the blades and handles into flowing floral and birdlike pieces of utilitarian art is the driving force behind his work.  Each of the folding knives is a unique small sculpture.

The Materials


"I've always loved working with exotic materials.  Sculpting a smaller scale object, such as a folding knife, gives me the opportunity to use the best materials I can find."  Dick incorporates mosaic and damascus steels, highly figured wood, and fossil mammoth ivory in his folders.  Combining the flow of the steel and handle material drives his creativity.

Custom Folding Knives for Sale

Sea Hawk


Ebony with mastodon tusk handle.  Haas tsunami pattern Damascus blade.  8"


Sea Form


Mosaic Damascus steel with ebony, ironwood, and stainless handle.   7 1/2"


The Raven


Arizona ironwood and ebony with bone and silver inlays.  Feather Damascus by Haas.  6"


Eight Bar


Black and vanilla ebony with silver inlay.  Eight bar mosaic steel by Calcinore.  7" 




Mosaic steel by Calcinore and bolster by Alabama Damascus.  Mastodon and ebony handle.  6"




Mosaic steel by Calcinore with ebony and Arizona ironwood.  Silver inlay.  6 1/4"


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